Meet the next generation of AI-powered antivirus with layered endpoint security

Powerful threat protection. Accurate and light.

The last antivrius you need to install only. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource footprint than Bitdefender!
Powerful but light

Proven to have the lowest system impact, Bitdefender always scores best on independent tests for protection and performance.

One suite to do it all
Bitdefender is both antivirus and antimalware, so you only need one cyber security solution. You can further enhance its powerful base functions with add-ons.
Easy deployment
No security server needed. Bitdefender automatically uninstalls competing endpoint solutions and provides a mass remote deployment mechanism for fast and simple rollout.


Bitdefender protects all your endpoints in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Security Layers

Bitdefender protects all your endpoints in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Combined antivirus/antimalware

Bitdefender is a complete cyber security suite that mitigates breaches, simplifies deployments and cuts costs.

Continuous process monitoring

Bitdefender Process Inspector monitors running processes for malicious behavior, protection against attacks and malware.

Advanced anti-exploit

Bitdefender quickly responds to 0-day attacks and catches known and unknown exploits by focusing on attack techniques.

Content control

Schedule or configure this control to block URLs by category using a block/allow exclusions table.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Advanced Threat Security

Full Disk Encryption

Patch Management

Note: Bitdefender is a cross-platform Anti-Virus End-To-End Solution available to everyone.

Consistently the best security suite

Bitdefender’s machine learning algorithms, security features and sheer global coverage block the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats. It’s both an antivirus and antimalware, making it a comprehensive single cyber security suite. And, Bitdefender’s add-ons make it even more powerful. Bitdefender always scores first, or near the top, in tests done by independent labs. No one catches more threats and has fewer false positives than Bitdefender! Bitdefender gets top marks from:


500 million endpoints protected

Bitdefender protects over half a billion systems in more than 150 countries. It is the provider of choice, acting as the backbone for more than 38% of the world’s security solutions. Its sheer coverage means Bitdefender has an incredible number of sensors that constantly detect and fight against nearly every cyber security threat in the world – both old and new!

Easy deployment from Simplatec

Simplatec is partnered with MENA’s, Europe’s, and Canada’s biggest vendors of Microsoft products, especially Microsoft365. You can instantly provision Bitdefender and any other business productivity tools we offer. Once the provisioning is done, Bitdefender automatically uninstalls competing endpoint solutions and provides mass remote deployment. This means
your customers get a fast rollout of the best protection for all their endpoints. Work
with Simplatec to give your customers the best value and 24/7 support for Bitdefender
and Microsoft licenses.

We help you get started

Simplatec will give you the marketing and technical support you need to navigate your customers’ fears and resistance to protect themselves from cyber security threats. When your customers purchase Bitdefender and Microsoft 365 from Sherweb, they’ll be getting
the most secure productivity experience. WhatsApp: +92 342 056 3069 or Call +1 (480) 400-3628.

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